A downloadable character sheet

A year after its release, three years after the ashcan edition, here is finally a usable* character sheet for Macchiato Monsters! Can you tell that I was mostly running this game at conventions and online?

Sidebar: Macchiato Monsters is my attempt at making a modern adventure game in the spirit of old school D&D, with some narrative elements to keep things surprising. It started as a hack of The Black Hack and Whitehack, and became its own thing somewhere along the three-year development process. It is published by Lost Pages.

Anyway, here it is: a 4-page little book for your characters. It even fits in the Macchiato Monsters book!

You can also download the old version from MM Zero, probably more suited for funnel games.

* In theory... this sheet hasn't been tested as of yet. Feedback is welcome as usual!

Install instructions

Thanks for playing Macchiato Monsters!

It's a 2-page PDF. Print on both sides and fold the sheet of paper in two.


MMCharacterBook.pdf 1 MB
MMCharSheetsx3.pdf 1 MB

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